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The Lakewood Ranch community sits on land that straddles both Manatee County and Sarasota County. We have been serving this community for years now, and several of our former clients have called Lakewood Ranch home at some point or another. Life is good in Lakewood Ranch, but all of its charms can fade into oblivion in the wake of a serious injury.

It is difficult enough dealing with the shock, pain, and financial distress that typically accompanies an accident. When the accident that cost you so much in so many ways turns out to have been utterly avoidable but for the carelessness of someone else, you can add anger to the mix. Anger, however, can motivate to seek justice. Anger on behalf of our clients certainly motivates us!

Turning Personal Injury Claims into Cash Is Something We Do Every Day

When you are injured through the misconduct of someone else, Florida law entitles you to compensation. In other words, you have a claim. But claims are like IOUs – they can be difficult to turn into cash, and they certainly don't enforce themselves. Enforcing a Florida personal injury claim can sometimes feel like winning a boxing match.

Even if you are negotiating an out-of-court settlement (as most accident victims do), the willingness of the other side, typically an insurance company, to settle with you depends on their estimate of how likely you would be to win at trial if it ever came to that. And that, in turn, depends on the admissible evidence that you have been able to muster and the skill of your Lakewood Ranch personal injury lawyers.  

Our Client Says...

“Outstanding and professional service from this law firm. I would highly recommend. Thank you for such great handling of everything.” – Gene

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I signed a contract with the defendant that contained an arbitration clause. Can I still pursue my claim?

If you signed an arbitration clause that covers personal injury, you will probably be forced to arbitrate your claim rather than go to court (a negotiated settlement is still an alternative, however). In most cases, you cannot appeal an arbitration decision. Nevertheless, arbitration saves time, and there is no particular reason to believe that an arbitrator will treat you unfairly. We can represent you in arbitration.

Can medical expenses be denied by the insurance company?

An insurance company can be relieved of paying medical expenses that are:

  • Unrelated to the accident (a pre-existing injury, for example);
  • Unnecessary, excessive or wasteful;
  • Not approved by your primary care physician; or
  • More expensive than the applicable policy limits allow.

The insurance company cannot unilaterally refuse to pay – you can fight back against a denial.

What is “negligence per se”?

Negligence per se is an automatic finding of negligence that happens when it is proven that the defendant violated a certain kind of safety statute or regulation in a manner that caused an injury. In Florida, violation of a traffic law will not trigger negligence per se, but a DUI would. Even if your claim was based on violation of a traffic law, however, you could still win – a finding of negligence just wouldn't be automatic, that's all.

My damages exceed the defendant's insurance policy limits. Are there any other possible sources of compensation?

Possibly. Some of the most likely candidates are:

  • The defendant's personal assets.
  • Your insurance policy.
  • The defendant's umbrella policy.
  • Other defendants, depending on the circumstances: the state government, the defendant's employer, the manufacturer of a defective auto part, etc.

What is a deposition?

A deposition is a pretrial event where witnesses testify under oath. Anything a witness says at a deposition can be used against him at trial (if he contradicts his deposition testimony in court, for example). The purpose of a deposition is to avoid surprises at trial.

Let Us Handle the Details While You Concentrate on Regaining Your Health

Dealing with a contentious personal injury claim while trying to recover from an injury is double trouble, and the added stress can't be good for you. At Holland Law, we understand this. And we bend over backwards to make the process as stress-free as possible for you, while at the same time leaving all major case decisions to you (whether to accept a settlement offer, for example).

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