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North Port, Florida, is located in Sarasota County, and it is the home of several of our personal injury clients over the years. A serious personal injury, of course, is always a catastrophic event in more ways than one. In addition to physical pain and debilitation, you must also deal with psychological shock.

Financial distress is the final ingredient in this toxic brew, and it is insidious because it comes at a time when you are least able to deal with it. After all this, when you discover that your accident wouldn't have happened but for the carelessness of someone else, we don't blame you for being angry. Let your anger motivate you to demand just compensation for your losses. Call our experienced North Port personal injury lawyers who are ready to assist you.

Insurance Companies and Conflict of Interest

Most personal injury claims are paid by insurance companies. And it doesn't mean much to point out that insurance companies are businesses, not charities. After all, the same could be said of law firms. The difference lies in how insurance companies make their money and how they spend it.

In a nutshell, insurance companies make money collecting premiums, and they spend money by paying claims. This incentive structure gives them every reason to deny or minimize your claim: when you win, they lose; and when you lose, they win.

At Holland Law, on the other hand, the incentives work the other way around. If we fail to win compensation for you, we won't charge you a dime for our services. If we do win compensation, our fees are proportional to how much you win – in other words, when you win, we win too. We charge no upfront fees, and you won't owe us anything until your money arrives.

Our Client Says...

“Outstanding and professional service from this law firm. I would highly recommend. Thank you for such great handling of everything.” – Gene

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do after I am injured in an accident that may have been somebody else's fault?

Below are some do's and don'ts:

  • DO NOT apologize for the accident, even out of politeness – it will be used to blame you for the accident.
  • DO seek medical attention immediately, even if you don't think you were hurt – certain types of serious injuries don't show up until later.
  • DO take photos of the scene of the accident and any personal injury or property damage.
  • DO take the names and addresses of any witnesses.

What kinds of information will you need for me to prepare?

To the extent that you are able to, please prepare the following information for our consultation:

  • The location of the accident.
  • Contact details or clues regarding the whereabouts of any witnesses.
  • A description of the accident.
  • How you were discovered (and by who) after the accident.
  • Anything unusual about the accident that you might have noticed.

Can I sue a nursing home for negligence in a slip and fall case?

Yes, you can. And you can win if you can show that your loved one's slip and fall accident was caused by carelessness or by a violation of a regulation. Even passive neglect can be a form of negligence – failure to monitor your loved one closely enough, for example. You don't necessarily have to prove that a regulation was violated in order to win your claim.

Do I have to prove the defendant's negligence beyond a reasonable doubt?

No, because that is the standard for a criminal prosecution, not a civil lawsuit. The civil standard is “preponderance of evidence”, which is a much lower bar to jump over.

Can I sue a pedestrian who ran into the street and caused me to swerve into an embankment?

Yes, you can. The pedestrian right-of-way could make winning your claim more difficult than you might think, however. You might still win, if you can prove the pedestrian was:

  • Jaywalking
  • Intoxicated
  • Trying to cross a no-pedestrian zone such as an interstate highway

The Most Important Decision of Your Case Awaits You

We'd like to be able to say personal injury cases are won by ‘truth,' meaning that whoever is right usually wins. But we can't say that. Instead, we must admit that cases are won largely on two factors: the admissible evidence submitted, and the quality of your representation. Who you choose to represent you could well turn out to be the decisive factor in your case. And that decision is one only you can make.

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