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If you live in the Naples area and you are facing difficulties with financial struggles, debt collectors bothering you endlessly, or even the potential for bankruptcy, you need help from someone who understands your situation, and can help you. It is also possible that your particular problem is not financial, but instead, you find yourself facing criminal charges. Fortunately, in any of these situations, there is somewhere you can turn. Holland Law is here to fight for you and for the justice you deserve.

Are You Facing Financial Struggles?

We all know that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, we can make the best of plans and life simply throws us a curveball. Perhaps you took out a credit card or a loan with every intention of making timely payments. And then, as they often do, circumstances changed.   You may now find yourself unable to make your monthly payments, and this may have been the case for some time now. Maybe you have even been named as a defendant in a debt collection lawsuit.

If you have begun to feel anxious, frustrated, or even panicked as your financial situation worsens, this is understandable. Debt collectors can be relentless, and you may be receiving a steady stream of letters, calls, and summons. If this is the case, you need an attorney on your side who understands the law and how to best put forth a defense on your behalf.

At Holland Law, we have years of experience doing exactly that. We understand the practices and methods of debt collectors as well as the best defenses to those practices. If you find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate to call us so that we can learn the circumstances of your particular case and how we might best be able to help.

Are You Contemplating Bankruptcy?

Do you have a significant amount of debt? Has it been accumulating for some time, to the point where it feels overwhelming, and you see no realistic way out? If so, you may be contemplating filing for bankruptcy. People are often uncertain about filing for bankruptcy, worried about its long-term effects, or simply unsure as to what it entails.

While filing for bankruptcy is something that no one takes lightly, it can sometimes be exactly the right step to take when you need a fresh financial start. Here at Holland Law Group, we understand the complexities of bankruptcy law and we have years of experience handling these sorts of cases. We would welcome the opportunity to put those years of experience to work for you.

If you find yourself contemplating bankruptcy, give us a call. We would be glad to listen to your story and to let you know how we might be able to assist you.

Criminal Defense

We all encounter struggles in life, and it is possible that your struggle is not financial in nature but is still equally challenging. Perhaps you are facing criminal charges, and you are unsure how best to begin defending yourself. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, Holland Law is here for you.

At Holland Law Group, we have years of experience defending criminal cases and we understand the law well. If your freedom is at stake, you have no time to waste. Call us today so we can discuss your particular circumstances and learn how we might be able to begin fighting for justice on your behalf.

Contact Us Today

At Holland Law Group, we care deeply about Naples, the greater Collier County area, and the citizens that live here. We are invested in this community and in its people. You are more than just a client to us – you are an individual with an individual story, different than any other – and you matter. We would be thankful for the opportunity to learn about your situation and to discuss how we might be able to help you. 

Do not hesitate another moment before taking the first step toward securing your financial or literal freedom. We have the knowledge and experience that you want in your corner, and we will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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