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Credit Corp Solutions

Are You a Florida Resident?

Are you Being Harassed or Sued by Credit Corp Solutions?

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At Holland Law we focus and consumer bankruptcy, debt defense, and have offices throughout Florida. We specialize in defending our clients against debt collectors and  filing bankruptcy when the circumstances are appropriate. If you are a named defendant in a lawsuit filed by Credit Corp Solutions your first step should be to call us.

Who Is Credit Corp Solutions and Why Have I Been Sued?

Credit Corp Solutions was incorporated in 2011 in Utah. Generally speaking, the junk debt collection business model is to file as many lawsuits as possible and to collect as many debts as they can with the smallest possible expense.

Credit Corp Solutions, and other companies like it buy debts which have been charged off by the original creditor. Surprisingly, even for smaller amounts, debts can be purchased and sold several times over. Junk debt buyers will often pay a very small amount to acquire rights to pursue the debt – often between $.02 and $.05 on the dollar, meaning that they can acquire a debt worth thousands of dollars for the purchase price of less than $100.

If you are being harassed by Gotham, or if you have received notice that you have been named as a defendant in one of these lawsuits, you should contact the Holland Law Group immediately.

What You Need to Know – and How We Can Help

When you contact us, we will be able to review the circumstances of your particular case and advise you as to the best steps forward. Having representation is especially important in these cases, because ignoring the problem and refusing to appear in court only makes the problem worse. These lawsuits will not disappear on their own. Failing to appear simply allows the debt collector to win by default, and most likely, to obtain a judgment against you.


If a judgment is issued against you, it could follow you for as many as twenty years and will most certainly negatively affect your credit report for seven years or longer. This can make it very difficult for you to do things like purchase a home or a car, open credit accounts,  and obtain loans – just to name a few. This is not to mention that, after obtaining a judgment against you, Credit Corp Solutions could:

  • Garnish your wages;
  • Take funds from your bank account;
  • Place a lien on your home;
  • Take your property;
  • And more

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself before this happens. The good news is that, when you find yourself in this situation, there are solutions. Settlement may be one option. Various legal defenses are another. And, depending upon your circumstances, filing for bankruptcy may even be an appropriate solution.

Contact Us Today!

Often, junk debt buyers prefer to avoid a legal battle. It is possible, with the number of cases that Credit Corp Solutions files each year, that they do not have the documentation they need to prove your particular case at trial. It is also possible that the statute of limitations has run or that, for any number of other reasons, there may be difficulties proving the case. But it is hard to know whether or not this is true until you contact an attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you wade through the details.

When you contact us, you will be able to talk about your circumstances with an experienced debt defense attorney. You will learn about the law as it applies to your case, what to expect in court, and what legal defenses you may have to the lawsuit.

At the Holland Law Group we understand the complexities of debt defense, experience, and know the best strategies to defend these lawsuits.

We will talk about the amount and circumstances of the debt, the methods Credit Corp Solutions has taken to attempt to collect a debt, any applicable statute of limitations, the possibilities of settlement or discharging the debt through bankruptcy, and any other concerns you may have. 

Understanding the law and making a strategy is the first important step towards resolution. We look forward to your call and to speaking with you soon.

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