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Are You a Florida Resident Struggling with Debt? Do you Find Yourself Sued by Jefferson Capital Systems?  Have They Filed a Lawsuit Against You? David Holland Can Help You Fight Back.

If you are in the midst of experiencing financial difficulties in your life, whatever the reason may be, you have more than enough on your plate. Often, however, financial struggles are unfortunately compounded and made much worse by the behavior of creditors. At the Holland Law Group, we know that it is all too common for debt collectors and their lawyers to harass you by phone, by mail, and even by going so far as to file a lawsuit against you in court. 

If you find yourself in this most unfortunate situation, you may feel many things: anger, frustration, outrage, even panic and all of these feelings are understandable. One thing that you should never feel is thinking you have to go this alone. If you find yourself as the victim of a creditor lawsuit, the Holland Law Group welcomes the opportunity to fight on your behalf.

Who Is Jefferson Capital Management, and Why Are They Targeting Me?

Jefferson Capital Management is a company, like many in the United States, that are sometimes called “junk debt buyers.” These buyers actually purchase your outstanding debt from the creditors for pennies on the dollar. Then, you find yourself being harassed by Jefferson Capital Systems, or even file a lawsuit against you for the full amount of the debt. Jefferson Capital Management and other companies like it acquire thousands of these sorts of debts each year and file lawsuits in many of these cases. There are two things to keep in mind with respect to these lawsuits:

You are not alone. You may feel that you are. You may feel as if you have been singled out for a lawsuit, or that you are being harassed through some fault or failure on your part. In fact, this is a standard practice of junk debt buyers like Jefferson Capital. There are many others standing in your shoes. But the important thing to remember is that, unlike many of them, you can choose to fight back.

You are entitled to defend yourself. Often, creditors like Jefferson Capital rely upon the fact that often, those who they name as defendants do not appear in the case and do not fight back. In fact, there may be many defenses available to you. These can include statutes of limitations, violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and more. You may be able to negotiate a settlement, or you may choose to file bankruptcy to discharge the debt. Whatever your ultimate decision, it is important to remember that you have choices.

The Holland Law Group Can Help

Debt collection defense is one of our specialties. We understand the complexities of the law pertaining to debt collection and the best defenses against the strategies and tactics implemented by your creditors. If you find yourself as the being sued by Jefferson Capital Systems, you need a trusted advisor who understands the law – the Holland Law Group is your solution.

Do not incur all of the negative consequences that accompany a judgment against you without even putting up a fight. Many of the consequences of a Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuit can follow you for years to come. This is particularly unfortunate, especially if it was a judgment that could have been avoided.

At the Holland Law Group, we want to fight for you and for the financial freedom that you deserve.  We have years of experience fighting for victims just like you, and we are proud of our successful record. After listening to your story and the particular details of your situation, we will be able to advise you as to the best possible course of action going forward. We know the best strategies to defend these lawsuits, and we have the experience to back that knowledge up. 

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When you contact us, you will be able to discuss your circumstances with an experienced debt defense attorney. We will be able to review the law as it applies to your circumstances and what legal defenses you may have to the Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuit. We want to help you reclaim your financial freedom and begin building a new, strong financial foundation.

Do not hesitate another day while being relentlessly pursued by your creditors. You need an aggressive, effective defense to creditor harassment both in and out the courtroom, and at Holland Law, we can help, and we will fight aggressively on your behalf.

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