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Portfolio Recovery Associates

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At The Holland Law Group we know that owing a debt can be stressful enough and being harassed by a junk debt buyer, or being named as a defendant in a lawsuit certainly does nothing to help ease that stress.

If you have recently been named as a defendant in a Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit, you should call us immediately. We focus our practice primarily on consumer bankruptcy and debt defense, and we have offices throughout Florida.

We understand debt collection practices and the complex law in this area, and our passion is defending our clients and helping to provide a fresh financial start, being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates is something we can help you with

Who Is Portfolio Recovery Associates?

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, is owned by PRA Group, Inc., and is one of the largest buyers of charged-off debt. Often referred to as “junk debt buyers,” Portfolio Recovery Associates, and other companies like it, purchase outstanding debts from other creditors for pennies on the dollar.  These debts can be purchased from any number of sources, including hospitals or other medical providers, banks, credit unions, credit card companies, retailers, automobile finance companies, student loan lenders, utility companies, and more. The possibilities are as endless as the potential sources of credit. 

After purchasing the delinquent accounts, Portfolio Recovery Associates begin the process of pursuing you, the debtor, for the original amount of the debt. Debt collectors like Portfolio Recovery Associates use various tactics to recover the debt, including, but not limited to, making repeated telephone calls and letters in addition to filing the lawsuit. As you can imagine and may already know, this can quickly become very frustrating and overwhelming. In addition to dealing with the stress of the debt itself, you are now also dealing with continual harassment from a creditor.

Portfolio Recovery Associates files thousands of collection lawsuits each year against consumers. If you have recently been sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in one of these lawsuits, it is critical that you take action immediately. One of your very first steps should be to contact the team at the Holland Law Group.

How Can You Defend Yourself?

When you contact us, we will be able to review the circumstances of your particular case and advise you as to the best steps forward. In addition to being aggravating and frustrating, debt collection practices, and the law that surrounds them, can be confusing. If you find yourself being harassed by Portfolio Recovery Associates, you need a trusted advisor who understands the law and what defenses are available.

First and foremost, you should know that ignoring the harassment or the lawsuit will not make it go away. In fact, attempting to ignore it or failing to appear can make matters considerably more difficult for you. In cases where defendants do not appear, creditors like Portfolio Recovery Associates are often able to obtain a default judgment against you.  This is a judgment that a court grants simply because the defendant offered no defense to the claim.  After they do, they can then take steps like garnishing your wages, taking money from your bank accounts, repossessing your property, or even placing a lien on your home. This is not even to mention the negative effects on your credit reports that can take years to disappear.

Do not incur these sorts of negative consequences without even putting up a fair fight. At the Holland Law Group we understand the defenses that may be available to you. After listening to your story and assessing the particular details of your situation, we will be able to advise you as to the best possible course of action going forward. We know the best strategies to defend you if you find yourself being harassed by Portfolio Recovery Associates. We have the experience to back that knowledge up.  

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When you contact us, you will be able to talk about your circumstances with an experienced debt defense attorney. During our time together, we will be able to discuss what to expect in court and what legal defenses you may have to the lawsuit. Our interest is in helping you to reclaim your financial freedom and to begin building a new, strong financial foundation going forward.

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