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Unifund CCR Partners

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Are you Being Harassed or Sued by Unifund CCR?

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If you are struggling financially then you know that those struggles are hard enough to deal with as it is. The last thing you need when bills are mounting is to be continually harassed, bothered, and yes, perhaps even sued by a creditor. If you find yourself in this very unfortunate situation the team at the Holland Law Group is here for you. 

At the Holland Law Group our primary focus is on consumer bankruptcy and debt defense, we have offices throughout the state Florida to serve you. We specialize in defending our clients against debt collectors and in filing bankruptcy when the circumstances are appropriate. If you are being sued by Unifund CCR give us a call, we can help 


Unifund CCR Partners, is (as are many other companies like it) a debt collection company founded in 2011 and based in Cincinnati Ohio. These companies purchase outstanding debts for pennies on the dollar and then pursue recovery of the full amount of debt from you, the debtor. Unifund CCR is a large debt collection company, and they pursue thousands of debt collection cases each year. Your case may very well be one of them.

Why Am I Being Sued?

Typically, the method used by debt collection companies, like Unifund CCR, is to begin by continually calling and sending letters to the debtor regarding collection of the date. These continual calls, letters, and contacts can become extremely frustrating but should not be ignored.  If you are receiving these calls regarding an outstanding debt – even if you do not believe that it is a debt you rightfully owe – contact us immediately. We can help you to assess your situation and what may be done about it before a lawsuit is filed.

Often, if the debtor does not respond to the initial flurry of calls and letters, the debt collection company will take the next step of filing a lawsuit against the debtor in an attempt to recover the money. Receiving a summons naming you in a court case can be alarming, to say the least. But one thing you should absolutely not do is ignore it.

Often, debt collection agencies, such as Unifund CCR, bank on the fact that the debtors will do exactly that – ignore the case, fail to appear when summoned, and generally pretend as if the collection attempts are not happening. Do not fall victim to this tactic. Failing to respond to a lawsuit filed against you could ultimately result in a default judgment issued by the court in  favor of the debt collection agency.

After obtaining such a judgment Unifund can:

  • garnish your wages
  • take money from your bank accounts
  • repossess your property
  • put a lien on your home

Do not let this happen to you. Call us today if you're being harassed or sued by Unifund CCR.

What Can I Do about It?

Though the law surrounding debt collection can be complex, the answer to this question is simple – call the Holland Law Group. When you contact us we will be able to review the circumstances of your particular case and advise you as to the best steps forward.

At the Holland Law Group, we have years of experience defending cases against debt collectors - experience that you  need on your side. We know the best strategies to defend these Unifund CCR lawsuits and we have the experience to back that knowledge up. We understand not only the law surrounding debt defense but also the law about certain rules that collection agencies are required to abide by under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

There are a number of defenses that may be available to you and it is possible that your debt is so old that the statute of limitations may have run out. It is also possible that settlement might be an option and depending upon the amount of your debt and other life circumstances, filing for bankruptcy is the best solution. 

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When you contact the team at the Holland Law Group you will be able to talk about your circumstances with an experienced debt defense attorney. When we talk, we will learn more about the lawsuit against you and what your options may be to best defend yourself.

If you find yourself being sued by Unifund CCR, understanding the law and making a strategy is the first important step toward rebuilding a strong financial future. 

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