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Englewood, Florida, straddles Sarasota County and Charlotte County, and it is home to quite a few of our friends and clients. If you are currently mired in debt and considering bankruptcy, you can take inspiration from the knowledge that some of our Englewood clients, once in your shoes, have managed to turn their lives completely around after coming out of bankruptcy.

Debt can be a wonderful servant, but it makes a tyrannical master. And there is no one who has seen more of its tyranny than the Englewood, FL bankruptcy lawyer at Holland Law. Our highly-experienced Englewood bankruptcy attorney has helped hundreds of clients escape the jaws of this monster. Bankruptcy isn't always the answer, of course. However, in many cases, a fresh start is just what is needed. 

The Different Types of Bankruptcy

Four different types of bankruptcy are available, depending on your circumstances:

  • A Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, in which your non-exempt property is sold to pay creditors;
  • A Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy, in which you keep your property and repay your debts over a period of several years;
  • A Chapter 12 bankruptcy for farmers; or
  • A Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy for corporations and wealthy individuals.

Most individual debtors choose between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Get Started for as Little as Zero Money Down

We realize that you're probably not exactly flush with cash. If you were, you probably wouldn't be considering bankruptcy in the first place. Many local bankruptcy lawyers like to present you with this ‘wonderful' Catch-22 situation: they won't file your petition until you pay your fees in full, but you aren't able to pay your fees until after you obtain debt relief. At Holland Law, you can get started for as little as zero money down. Let a trusted Englewood bankruptcy lawyer help you through your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I have a car loan?

If you still owe money on your car, keep in mind that even a bankruptcy filing will not prevent the bank from repossessing your car if you default on payments and the bankruptcy court gives the bank permission to repossess. By all means, keep up with your payments if you can.

What types of debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy?

Certain types of debts are ineligible for bankruptcy discharge, including:

  • Recent tax debts (absent a special exemption)
  • Alimony
  • Child support payments
  • Student loan debts (absent a hardship exception)
  • Criminal fines

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, can give you more time to pay some of these debts.

What do I need to do to begin the bankruptcy process?

Compile a list of your past and current assets and liabilities, including all debts that you want included in the bankruptcy. Obtain as much documentation as you can. Your bankruptcy attorney will almost certainly ask you for additional information at some point. It is best to retain the services of an experienced Englewood bankruptcy lawyer as early as possible in the process.

What property can I keep after filing for bankruptcy?

That depends on how much property you own, what type of bankruptcy you are filing, how much you owe on your property (a car loan, for example), whether you have kept up with payments, and other factors. Some of the property you might be able to keep includes:

  • Your personal residence: It cannot exceed a half acre if it is located in an urban area
  • Personal property up to $1,000 and federal income tax refunds, among other items
  • Certain insurance benefits and pensions
  • Certain public benefits such as Social Security and unemployment benefits
  • Certain other types of property

Florida's Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions are among the nation's most generous, but you must have lived in Florida for at least two years to take advantage of them.

Act Promptly, for the Sake of Your Finances and Your Peace of Mind

Procrastination is a natural human tendency, especially when you are not sure how to react to a gathering debt crisis. It is best not to procrastinate, however, when you know that a debt hurricane is on it way. If you're not sure what to do, the first step is to make an informed decision with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Englewood, Florida.

Contact Holland Law today by calling 941-306-3601 or filling out our online case evaluation form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Englewood bankruptcy attorney. We serve clients throughout Englewood, including Grove City, Manasota Key, Manasota Beach/Woodmere, and elsewhere in town. We offer free telephone and in-office consultations.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Englewood, Florida

Englewood, Florida, is a place of possibilities. Nestled between Sarasota County and Charlotte County, this charming town has witnessed the struggles and triumphs of many friends and clients who once faced overwhelming debt. If you find yourself trapped in the suffocating grip of financial despair, take solace in their stories of redemption.

Debt can transform into a merciless master, dictating every facet of your life. But fear not; our trusted Englewood bankruptcy lawyer at Holland Law knows the path to liberation. With an impressive track record spanning countless cases, they have guided numerous individuals towards freedom from this monster called debt.

Bankruptcy may seem like an intimidating term whispered with trepidation. However, sometimes it serves as the key that unlocks a brand new chapter in one's life. The journey to financial relief starts with acknowledging that there is light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel.

Many have walked these same streets burdened by insurmountable debts but emerged victorious after embracing bankruptcy as their ally rather than an adversary. It takes courage to seek a fresh start when drowning beneath layers of unpaid bills and constant creditor harassment.

In Englewood's embrace lies hope for those seeking refuge from financial burdens. Whether or not bankruptcy is your answer remains uncertain until you embark on an individualized journey exploring all available options.

Remember: Englewood stands witness to incredible transformations where lives are rebuilt anew amidst adversity. Let their stories inspire you as you chart your own course towards reclaiming control

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