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The Lakewood Ranch community includes parts of both Manatee County and Sarasota County. Several of our former bankruptcy clients now reside in Lakewood Ranch, and their current prosperity serves as a reminder of how much difference a well-planned and well-executed bankruptcy can make. If you are considering bankruptcy, you've got to do it right – and that is where we come in.

At Holland Law, our trusted Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the complex bankruptcy maze just like we have for hundreds of former bankruptcy clients. We can also advise you on alternatives to bankruptcy or help you with debt defense. No two clients are exactly alike, and you can be certain that we will craft an individualized solution that addresses your particular needs.

Peace of Mind Will Be Your First Benefit

As soon as your bankruptcy petition is accepted by the court, it will issue an automatic stay. An automatic stay is a complete moratorium that immediately prevents your creditors from hounding you. They cannot pursue any collection action, such as foreclosure, against you and they cannot harass you – in fact, they cannot even contact you except through the bankruptcy court. Let a Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy lawyer at the Holland Law Group help you.

Does Zero Money Down Sound Like Something You Can Afford?

Many local bankruptcy lawyers like to put you in an impossible situation. Cash flow problems typically accompany debt problems, yet these attorneys insist on full payment in advance before they will file your petition. At Holland Law, it's different. Depending on your circumstances, you could be eligible for a payment plan for as little as zero money down. Speak with a knowledgeable Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy attorney today.

Our Client Says:

“Mr. Holland returned my call quickly and was very helpful! He answered my questions, and said he would be available for further assistance if I needed him. Very friendly and professional.” 😊 Linda W.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What bankruptcy exemptions might I be entitled to under Chapter 7?

If you have lived in Florida for at least two years before you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can become eligible for the Florida bankruptcy exemptions, which are some of the most debtor-friendly in the nation. The following is an incomplete summary of these exemptions:

  • The homestead exemption: Your personal residence, if it is no larger than half an acre in an urban area or 160 acres in a rural area.
  • The personal property exemption: Up to $1,000 in value, or $4,000 in value if you don't use the homestead exemption.
  • Your personal vehicle: Up to $1,000 in equity; more if you are married and filing jointly.
  • Wages: Up to $750 a week
  • Certain pension and insurance benefits

Do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida?

You qualify based mainly on your income. You are presumed to be qualified if your income is less than the median income in Florida for an equivalent household size. If your income exceeds the median income, you might still qualify under the means test, which is based on a complex formula. Ask an experienced Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy lawyer at the Holland Law Group.

What is Florida's median income?

Naturally, Florida's median income keeps creeping upward. In May 2017, the average per capita income  was $44,576. For a family of four, however, the average jumped to $72,382. You might qualify even if your income exceeds this amount if you pass the means test that is designed to calculate your disposable income.

What are the differences between chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13?

Chapter 7 is a liquidated bankruptcy in which all of your non-exempt property is liquidated to pay your debts. Chapter 11, 12, and 13 are reorganization bankruptcies that allow you to pay off your debts over time, but allow you to keep your property. Chapter 11 is used primarily by companies and wealthy people, while Chapter 12 is used by family farmers.

Act Now to Make It Happen

If you are drowning in debt and facing daily harassment from creditors, it is understandable that you might feel more than a little bit anxious and frazzled. Remember: half of the battle takes place in your mind, and whatever doubts are keeping you from taking decisive action is your enemy. Your ultimate reward in the long run will be a permanent debt discharge.

Contact Holland Law today by calling 941-306-3601 or filling out our online case evaluation form to speak with a proven Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy lawyer and set up a free initial consultation. We serve clients throughout Lakewood Ranch, including Central Park, Arbor Grande, Indigo, and elsewhere in the community.

We are a debt relief agency. Our experienced Lakewood Ranch bankruptcy attorney helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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