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Can I Get an Affordable Lawyer for a Credit Card Lawsuit?

Posted by Mateusz Szymanski | Oct 28, 2022

The Federal Reserve Bank just raised interest rates, which means that mortgage rates have increased.  The money supply has been inflated dramatically over the past few years and prices of pretty much everything we buy has gone up and continues to go up.  Times are tough, and when people are forced to prioritize paying for food and housing over everything else, they are going to miss some credit card payments.   Unpaid credit cards can quickly turn into credit card lawsuits.

A lot of our clients find themselves in this very situation.  They are scared and do not see an easy way out.  At first, they think that it is impossible to afford an attorney in their situation.  Afterall, they did not have the money to pay the original bill, so how are they possibly going to be able to afford to hire a good attorney to fight for them against the bank?

The Holland Law Group understands the situation our clients are in, and we do our best to meet them where they are.  Through our initial phone call, we try our best to come to reasonable legal fee for our services that is structured in a way our client can pay.  Sometimes it is in an affordable payment plan stretched out over a few months so we can start fighting hard for our clients as soon as possible. 

Can you afford NOT to hire an effective attorney?  Do you want to have a judgment on their credit report?  Do you want a quarter of your paycheck garnished? Do you want to have your bank accounts frozen and seized?

The Holland Law Group can help with that.  We offer affordable payment plans for our legal representation so we can start representing our clients as quickly and as effectively as possible before a judgment is entered against you.  We help people in your situation each day, across the state of Florida, from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville and everywhere in between.  Let us help you too!  Call us today so we can discuss your case in a free consultation.

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Mateusz Szymanski earned his Honors Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Toronto. He then went on to attend Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida, graduating in the top half of his class, and has been admitted to the Florida Bar since 2012. Prior to joining the team at the Hol...

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