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Hiring a good debt defense attorney helps

Posted by Mateusz Szymanski | Mar 09, 2022

Not long ago, I had a client I'll call “Rachel.”  Rachel called me in distress.  She had just received a collection notice from a collection agency in Michigan.  Rachel lived in Miami.  The letter demand over $15,000, plus an extra $4,000 “collection agency fees.”  To the client's surprise, the notice said that the debt was being demanded on behalf of her former dentist in Miami.  It was for allegedly “unpaid dental services” from over a year before. 

Rachel had already called the dentist's office to get an explanation.  It was simple, she though. It must have been a simple mix-up in their office.  To her surprise, the dentist's office refused to speak to her or discuss any details.   No explanation about which dental services they claimed were unpaid.  No explanation why they waited more than a year to send her a collection letter.  “We sent your account to the collection agency.  Discuss it with them,” is all they said.

Rachel had never been in this situation before.  She felt powerless and really scared. What was this debt for? Would she have to go to court? Could the collectors garnish her paycheck from her job to collect it?  Could they take her house? Could they go after her bank accounts? What about retirement savings? Would they devastate her credit? She didn't know, so she called me. 

I had her come in with all the relevant documents and I got the complete story.  The story turned out to be a lot more complicated.  I reviewed the collection letter and the whole history of invoices from the dentist's office.  I researched the recent case law on the topic and using the documents and the additional details Rachel provided, I honestly assessed the strengths and weaknesses my client's side as well as the side of the dentist.  A month later, after a letter and a few phone calls, we were able to settle the matter forever with my client paying less than $1,000.  Rachel was relieved.  I can't promise the same results for your case, but I can promise that we will use all of our resources to put you in the best financial position possible.

My typical day as an attorney isn't like a chapter out of a John Grisham legal thriller, but I love spending my time using my knowledge and training to help people in need, like I was able to do for Rachel.  Every case is different, and different facts may mean different results, but having an experienced attorney in your corner never hurts.  Whether you're in Manatee, Orlando, Tampa, or Miami, our attorneys have the experience and skills to be able to help you with your financial issues.  Whether it'd debt defense, foreclosure, or bankruptcy, we can help.  Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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Mateusz Szymanski

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