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I Went to Court By Myself And The Judge Set My Debt Case For Trial! Is It Too Late to Get A Lawyer?

Posted by Mateusz Szymanski | Jun 21, 2023

Probably not, but acting quickly to protect yourself is extremely important!!!

It depends.  What happened at the pre-trial conference? What was said?  Did Defendant admit to anything? Was mediation attempted?  Was a trial order issued by the judge? How much time is there to prepare for the trial? 

Few lawyers will accept to take a case on the day before trial.  This is because there is virtually no way to adequately prepare in so little time.  The more time (weeks, but hopefully at least a month) a lawyer has to prepare for a trial, the better and more competently he or she can represent a client and more effectively fight for their client's case.

A lawyer needs time to review the Complaint and any other documents the Plaintiff has filed in the case.  They also need time to discuss all the dimensions of the case with the client.  This allows the attorney to get the full picture before discussing a possible settlement or mediation, if one has not been held yet.  A lawyer also needs time to review any trial orders and usually needs even more time to meet any of the Court deadlines regarding witnesses and exhibits for the trial.

Propounding discovery to get necessary documents also takes time, and usually requires over a month.  Conducting depositions of witnesses also takes a lot of time to schedule and conduct, so when you don't hire an attorney early enough, they may not have enough time to do everything they could have done for your case.

If a trial has been set in your case, don't wait until the last minute, and contact us at the Holland Law Group.  We help people in your situation each day, across the state of Florida, from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville and everywhere in between.  Let us help you too!  Call us today so we can discuss your case in a free consultation.

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