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New Rules for Debt Collectors!

Posted by Ryan Singleton | Nov 04, 2021

On November 30, 2021, Regulation F in the Code of Federal Regulations will go into effect changing the way third-party debt collectors may communicate with consumers.  The changes that are most favorable to consumers include a prohibition on calling consumers for a full week after contacting the consumer about that same debt.  Also, collectors cannot place anymore than seven (7) attempted calls within a week. 

Regulation F will offer a bit more protection towards consumer's credit reports in that collectors must either speak with the consumer or send notice, by mail or electronically, and wait a reasonable period of time before they may report the consumer's debt to the credit bureaus.  This allows consumers an opportunity to address the debt somehow (e.g., pay the debt or effectively dispute it) before the account negatively impacts their credit. 

But not all of the changes to Regulation F are consumer-friendly, however.  Debt collectors will be allowed to contact both friend and family members of the consumer for purposes of obtaining contact information.  Further, Regulation F provided an update for modern era, as it specifically grants collectors the right to contact consumers through emails and text messages. 

This expanded means of communication also now applies to validation notices as well, which are the notices consumers must receive within five (5) days of a collector's initial contact.  Debt collectors may send the validation notice via regular mail, email or they may even convey the information orally.

There is an extensive list of information that the validation must now include under Regulation F.  To verify whether debt collectors are in compliance with the new rules, you can provide a copy of any validation notice you receive to a creditor harassment attorney for review. 

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